Random Facts From the TV Show Survivor

Started: May 31, 2000
Host: Jeff Probst

More than 51 million people watched the Survivor finale in August 23, 2000

The first Survivor winner, Richard Hatch, was sent to prison for failing to pay taxes on his winnings. He also liked to prance around naked during the taping of the show.

The 13th season of Survivor: Cook Islands, received criticism for splitting teams according to race.

Producer Mark Burnett has made a fortune from the hit reality show.

Survivor was the first extremely popular reality show on broadcast TV, and is largely responsible for the bacteria-like growth of other reality shows.

Even though the title is Survivor, many of the cast members would probably die if left out in the wilderness for extended periods of time. Many lost significant amounts of weight and had trouble finding food.

Various locations of Survivor:

Season 1: Borneo
Season 2: Australian Outback
Season 3: Kenya
Season 4: Nuku Hiva, a French Polynesian island
Season 5: Thailand
Season 6: The Amazon of Brazil
Season 7: Pearl Islands off the coast of Panama
Season 8: All Star cast in the Pearl Islands off the coast of Panama
Season 9: Vanuatu, a small island in the South Pacific
Season 10: Palau, an island in the Philippine Sea
Season 11: Guatemala
Season 12: Again in the Pearl Islands of Panama
Season 13: Cook Islands in the South Pacific
Season 14: Fiji

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