List of Tall People

Note: Many of these heights are not confirmed, and some are almost certainly exaggerated. Take with a healthy grain of salt.

8'11 Robert Wadlow (1918-1940)

The tallest man ever to be accurately measured. This height is real.

Never stopped growing as the result of an overactive pituitary. Died after a poorly fitting leg brace caused an infection.

His Growth Pattern:
at death8'11.1490lbs

Robert Wadlow links: here, and here

8'9 John Rogan, Sumner County, Tennessee (1868-1905)

8'4 Leonid Stadnik, Ukraine

Possibly the world's tallest living man though his height has not been accurately measured. News story here.

8'2 Bernard Coyne, Anthon, Iowa (1897-1921)

8'2 Zeng Jinlian, China (1964-1982)

Tallest Woman Ever

8'2 Donald A. Koehler, Denton, Montana (1925-1981)

8'1 Vin Myllyrinne, Finland (1909-1963)

Tallest soldier ever

8'1 Patrick Cotter O'Brien (1760-1806)

8'¾ Gabriel Estvo Monjane, Mozambique (1944-1990)

8' Suleiman Ali Nashnush, Tripoli, Libya (1943-1991)

Libyan basketball player

8' John F. Carroll, Buffalo, New York (1932-1969)

Suffered from curvature of the spine. Otherwise he would have been over 8'7

7'11 Martin Van Buren Bates (1837-1919)

American Civil War veteran and performer

7'9 Xi Shun

Tallest verified living person. link

7'9 Sun Ming Ming

ABA basketball Player

7'9 Ri Myung Hun

North Korean basketball player and tallest North Korean

7'9 Yasutaka Okayama

Tallest NBA draft pick, one of the tallest Japanese men ever

7'7 Manute Bol

Sudanese born basketball player

7'7 Gheorghe Muresan

Romanian born basketball player, acted in a few movies

7'6 Giant Gonzales

Professional wrestler

7'6 Yao Ming

Chinese-born NBA player

7'3 Peter Mayhew

Played the role of Chewbacca

7'2 Richard Kiel

Actor Detroit, Michigan

7'2 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Hall of fame basketball player

7'1 Wilt Chamberlain

Claimed to have sex with thousands of women

7'0 Andre the Giant (19461993)

Professional wrestler

6'9 Michael Crichton


6'9 Phil Gordon

Professional poker player

6'8 Montell Jordan

Singer/songwriter and record producer

6'7 Peter the Great

Russian Czar

6'7 Hulk Hogan

Probably much shorter

6'7 Leo Felton

Biracial white supremacist

6'7 Tony Robbins

Motivational speaker

6'7 RuPaul


6'6 William Gates II

father of Bill Gates

6'6 Roald Dahl


6'6 Uday Hussein

son of Saddam

6'5 Lou Ferrigno

6'5 Howard Stern

Claims to have a small penis. Remarkable for someone so tall.

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