Crazy Sleep Walking Killers

For years, killers have been using an interesting defense: sleep walking.

1. 20 years ago, Ken Parks, of Ontario drove about 14 miles from his home to the house of his in laws. He then proceed to strangle his father in law and stab his mother in law. He was found not guilty because he was sleepwalking.

2. In 1981, Steven Steinberg of Scottsdale, Arizona stabbed his wife 26 times with a knife. He claimed sleep walking and the court agreed.

3. In a rare case of sleep walking, an Australian woman left her house at night to have sex with random strangers. It occurred for several months. The husband became suspicious after finding condoms throughout the house. Eventually, her husband caught her in the act. On first appearance she was just an average tramp, but she denied having any recollection of the events. Doctors confirmed that she was actually sleep walking and was eventually cured of her promiscuous habit.

Sleep walking happens right before entering a deep sleep and is usually related to stress. Next time you see a sleep walker stay clear, unless it's a hot woman trying to have sex with you.

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