More Celebrity Mugshots

Even though celebrities may be richer and more attractive, that doesn't make them better than us. Check out these celebrity mugshots!

Note: They aren't necessarily guilty, even if they look guilty.

James Brown
The Godfather of Soul has been arrested for drugs, weapons and domestic violence. He appears to be flirting with the camera.
Jim Morrison
Exposing himself at a concert in Miami, FL in 1969.
Johnny Cash
Drug charges in 1965. Possesses a slight resemblance to Kramer.
Kid Rock
Arrested on two alcohol charges.
Tupac Shakur
Convicted of sexual abuse.
Vanilla Ice
Former sellout rapper Robert Van Winkle plead guilty to disorderly conduct after getting in a fight with his wife in early 2001.

Famous Vanilla Ice quote: "I'd lick my mother's asshole for a million dollars."

Tommy Lee
Pouring alcohol on a security guard's head during a concert in 1997. A common theme between rock stars and security guards.
Ted Nugent
In 1993 Ted Nugent shot a fiery arrow into a guitar in Ohio. Charged with fire code violation. Typical stuff for "The Nug."
Snoop Dogg
Arrested and acquitted of murder in 1993. His body guard killed a gang member during what was perceived as a driveby shooting. Snoop Dogg said that it was self defense.
Puff Daddy
Arrested in 1999 for possession of a stolen gun in his car the night of a shooting at a night club. Jennifer Lopez was arrested the same night.

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