More Celebrity Mugshots

Even though celebrities may be richer and more attractive, that doesn't make them better than us. Check out these celebrity mugshots!

Note: They aren't necessarily guilty, even if they look guilty.

John Gotti
Mafia leader, later died in prison. He seems proud of himself
Hugh Grant
June 27, 1995

Soliciting a prostitute (Divine Brown). Helped to boost both their careers. Personally it was the first time I had heard of Hugh Grant. Looks very squirmy in the photo.

Jeffrey Dahmer
Cannibal, sporting a kickass mustache
Carmen Electra
November 6, 1999

Battery charges for fighting with Dennis Rodman.

Anna Nicole Smith
DWI in Houston before she married some old oil tycoon.
Chris Klein
American Pie pretty boy arrested for DUI. I thought celebrities never got ticketed.
Dennis Hopper
Traffic violation in 1975. Looks like a bum.
Chris Tucker
April 17, 2005

Supposedly driving over 100mph in Georgia. Dressed like a choir boy in this picture.

Christian Slater
Arrested in 1997 for assault and battery. Appears to be wearing a varsity jacket
Jane Fonda
Suspicion of drug smuggling in 1970. Charges were later dropped. Fight the power, Jane.

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