Celebrity Mugshots

Even though celebrities may be richer and more attractive, that doesn't make them better than us. Check out these celebrity mugshots!

Note: They aren't necessarily guilty, even if they look guilty.

Bill Gates
April 29, 1975

Speeding and driving without a license

Looks like a happy geek in this picture

Pee Wee Herman
July 26, 1991

Caught "wacking it" in a porno theater. Paid a small fine and community service.

We all knew it was bound to happen. Also, must happen all the time in XXX theaters.

Keanu Reeves
May 5, 1993

DUI in Los Angeles

The moustache is a good look for him.

Al Pacino
January 7, 1961

Arrested for carrying a concealed weapon at age 21.

Charles Barkley
December 21, 1991

Disorderly conduct. Broke a guy's nose in a Milwaukee bar.

Manuel Noriega
Former leader of Panama brought back to the United States in a military raid.
OJ Simpson
June 17, 1994

Thanks to Johnny Cochrane, acquitted of murder. Before the incident "The Juice" was a corporate whore endorsing everything including, most appropriately, a juicer.

Larry King
December 20, 1971

Among other shady dealings, charged with grand larceny, supposedly to fund a lavish lifestyle.

Marv Albert
Sodomy; he apparently bit a chick's back and did some other kinky stuff. He had a ten year sexual relationship with the woman and claimed that she was into it.
Charles Manson
Would you join his "family?" Very creepy mugshot.

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