8 Ridiculous Fratboy Hazing Incidents

It seems like some people will do anything to get into a fraternity.

Here are some of the funniest incidents involving people too stupid to say no.

1. University of Michigan Student Gets Shot in the Groin With BB Gun

A pledge to Alpha Epsilon Pi at the University of Michigan was shot in the groin with a BB gun during a hazing incident. The drunken frat boy hazer thought the gun was unloaded and had pointed it at the eyes and faces of other pledges before the emasculating testicle shot took place.

2. "Toughen Up Your Hide"

A pledge for Kappa Alpha Psi at Louisiana State University was ritualistically beaten and left with a wound 7 inches around and 1/2 inch deep on his butt that required two surgeries. Apparently the pledge was told that it would "toughen up your hide."

3. Nobody Would Actually Have Sex With the Goat

A member of Alpha Gamma Rho at Western Kentucky University was charged with a second-degree count of cruelty to animals after authorities found a malnourished goat in the frat house storage room. The chapter president said that "the goat was brought in as a prank, to make some pledges think they would have to have sex with it."

4. Frat Members, Diapers and Women's Underwear, the Perfect Combo

After responding to a disturbance, police found Sigma Alpha Epsilon pledges at the University of Central Florida crawling in diapers and women's underwear. The were supposedly moaning in a room that smelled like urine and vomit.

5. Cal Student Shot 30 times with BB Gun

The frat boys were at it again when 3 Phi Kappa Phi guys stripped a 19 year old Cal pledge down to his boxers and started firing BBs at him from about 5 feet away. They then tried to get the poor bastard to smoke marijuana and drink alcohol, which he refused. He then apparently "paid a ransom" and was let go. The pledge did not file charges.

The Pi Kappa Phi motto is "the pursuit of brotherhood through scholarship, leadership and social experiences." They failed to mention homoerotic BB gun sessions.

6. Typical Hazing Theme with the Addition of a Bonfire

Beta Theta Pi at the University of North Carolina was put on probation after pledges were "forced to wear costumes, subjected to verbal harassment and made to stand close to a bonfire." Nobody was hurt.

7. Brokeback Mountain Themed Hazing

Several members of Phi Gamma Delta at the University of Vermont were fined after a hazing modeled after the movie Brokeback Mountain in which pledges had to wear cowboy outfits and receive insults.

8. Cornell University Shenanigans

Cornell has a fun page with a bunch of hazing incidents at the university.

A typical entry:

"Members made new members lie down naked in a makeshift pool filled with six inches of ice water, beer, kitchen garbage, and urine. Other new members took turns standing on a stepladder above the pool and attempted to drop raw eggs into the mouth of the new member lying in the fluid."


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