Varsity Blues Movie Quotes

Coach Kilmer: You've got to be the dumbest smart kid I know.

Coach Kilmer: Never show weakness, the only pain that matters is the pain you inflict.

Coach Kilmer: 48 minutes for the next 48 years of your life.

Coach Kilmer: Your daddy was a no talent pussy, but at least he listened.

Mox: I don't want your life.

Mox's Dad: I raised you to be a winner, so damnit boy, win!

Tweeder: Ladies, shut up and hold on to your nipples.

Tweeder: Well we're all naked in there and we've got handcuffs and cool shit to play with so take off your clothes and get in the car.

Tweeder: I'm gonna go to jail.

Miss Davis: Can anyone tell me a common slang term for the male erection?
Student: Boner? Is boner one?
Miss Davis: Yes! Boner is good, boner is very good!

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