Rat Race Movie Quotes

Bev Pear: Your daughter has to go to the bathroom!
Randy Pear: All right, all right, Jason, look in the back for an empty jar.
Bev Pear: A jar? Girls don't pee in jars.
Randy Pear: Oh, right. Sorry. Jason, we're gonna need a jar and a funnel.

Enrico: Look! A drifter, let's kill him!

Enrico: I am Enrico Pollini. Now, I know what you are thinking, Enrico is a girl's name.
Owen: No I wasn't.
Enrico: No pun intended.
Owen: What pun was that?

Squirrel Woman: They should have bought a squirrel.

Randy Pear: I do not want to work at Home Depot!

Duane Cody: It's true, you could break your neck. But it's a risk I'm willing to take.

Donald Sinclair: I can do anything I want, Owen. I'm eccentric.

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