Me Myself and Irene Movie Quotes

Charlie: You said you'd eat whale blubber

Hank: The guy is like origami, he folds under pressure.

Hank: Yeah, and this is my fist and it doesn't take much for me to start throwing it around!

Hank: Hey, I'm Charlie Bailygates. Want to see my weasel?

Hank: Just because I rock doesn't mean I'm made of stone.

Hank: Punch me in the face!

Hank: Ever been bitch slapped?

Hank: Free hot dogs here. All you can eat! Get your foot long and a bag of nuts!

Hank: Wrong answer, and the name's Hank, fuckface.

Officer Stubie: Would someone please get this chicken out of my ass?

Irene: You should be furious. I just dropped kicked you right in the face.
Charlie: Hey, it happens.

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