Fat Albert Movie Quotes

Fat Abert: I'm Fat Albert!

Fat Abert: Hey hey hey!

Fat Abert: I can't take my sweater off because I, uh, don't know what's underneath.

Doris: I don't have friends because I don't want friends.

Doris: This cannot be happening. I'm losing my mind. Yeah, that's it.

Reggie: There's no way I'm letting that fat kid get over on Lauri.

Reggie: Aren't you the hip-hop fool.

Reggie: Listen up, everybody! This fat fool is not what he appears to be!

Dumb Donald: I have no face.

Dumb Donald: I'm a party animal!

Lauri: Those guys, Albert's friends; they're very strange. I think they could be some kind of a cult.

Store Employee: I know big, and you my friend are big.

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