The RonCo Quiz

How Well Do You Know Ron Popeil?

Who is RonCo? Ron Popeil is the guy on infomercials selling everything. Yes, he sells crap that seems useless, but he mezmorizes us by his ability to sell. In fact, I can remember flipping the channels at 4 am and becoming fixated on Ron Popeil's ability to turn the most severe case of male pattern baldness into a thick head of hair with just a few sprays.

How well do you know Ronco? Take our quiz:

1. A favorite Ronco catchphrase is
"Beer is for breakfast"
"Set it and forget it"
"Live the Ronco life"
"I'm not a pimp, just an inventor"
2. Ronco products include
Electric Food Dehydrator
Hair Spray Paint
All of the Above
3. Ronco's favorite hobby is
Fighting bears
Giving tours of his hometown
Developing a permanent cure for baldness
4. Ronco called his grandpa
Dour and sour without any redeeming human qualities
A sasquatch with a big heart
A grizzly old man
Stupid, but lovable
5. Ronco has a boat named
Popeils Pocket Fisherman II
Papa Popeil
Fishing Friend
No Skanks
6. Ron Popeils Pocket Fisherman is designed for
Catching Fish
Easy Transport
Giving as a Gift
Attracting a Mate
7. Which of the following is not an accessory for the Showtime Compact Rotisserie
Rib Basket
Solid Flavor Injector
Kabob Rods
Sausage Companion

For more info about lovable Ronco, here's his website.

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