The Mob Movie Quiz

Take this quiz or risk getting whacked.

1. Who "made him an offer he couldn't refuse?"
Paul Cicero
Jimmy Conway
The Godfather
Tony Montana
2. Who was NOT in the movie "Goodfellas"?
Ray Liotta
Al Pacino
Robert Re Niro
Joe Pesci
3. In which movie do Al Pacino and Robert De Niro square off?
Resevoir Dogs
Analyze This
4. In which comedy did mob movie star Joe Pesci play a burglar?
Home Alone
Dumb & Dumber
Office Space
16 Candles
5. Which movie was based on a gambling handicapper?
Lucky Number Slevin
6. Which group gets beat up in "A Bronx Tale"?
Car Salesmen
Baseball team
Street gang
Biker gang
7. In "The Departed" who was the undercover cop?
Matt Damon
Leonardo DiCaprio
Chazz Palminteri
Lillo Brancato
8. In which movie did Tom Hanks play a mob character?
Road to Perdition
Reservoir Dogs
9. "Scarface" takes place in
New York
New Orleans
Los Angeles
10. "Donnie Brasco" was about
An assassin
An FBI agent
A mob boss
A corrupt politician

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