The Drunk Test

Which Kind of Drunk are You?

1. A hottie spills beer on your pants. You
Get angry
Ask them to wipe it off
Buy them a drink to make up for the lost beer
Get freaked out
2. Police raid a party. You
Don't notice them because you're making out in the laundry room
Run for the hills
Wait around for the cops to arrest you. Hey, they're just doing their job, right?
Resist Arrest
3. Your best friend throws up on your feet. You
Carefully disinfect your shoes, and then decide to throw them out after all
Break a beer bottle over his head
Don't care
Are too busy staring at nearby cleavage to notice
4. My favorite Scrubs character is:
Dr. Cox
The Todd
5. You drink to
Have fun
Forget worries
Meet hot people
Feel tough
6. At the end of the night. You end up
With bruises on your face and knuckles
Talking with friends
In what your therapist refers to as a "shame spiral"
7. A person you hate tries to kiss you. You
Fake a burst appendix
Slap them
Roll with it, as long as they look good
Change the subject and pretend it never happened
8. The first time I got drunk. I
Went streaking
Got scared and went home early
Went mailbox-bashing
Giggled like a schoolgirl all night long
9. The drunken lie I'm most likely to regret is
The doctor told me I can't have kids
I can kick anyone's ass - even that guy's!
I don't tell drunken lies
Sure, I'll drive you to the airport tomorrow morning at 6AM. I'd do anything for YOU.
10. Drinking is wrong because
It's against my religion
Drunks don't pay child support
I can't afford another DUI
I'm always spending all my money at the bar
11. My favorite drink is
Long island ice tea
No thanks. I'll take a diet coke
Pouring two shots of vodka into a forty
12. When drinking I am most afraid of
Getting slipped a mickey
When I drink, I'm not afraid
Hooking up with a loser
Making promises I can't keep