The College Trivia Quiz

Funny and interesting questions about US universities.

1. The "Naked Mile" took place on which college's campus?
University of Michigan
Harvard University
Tulane University
2. Whose university mascot is the "Gamecocks"?
Stanford University
American University
University of South Carolina
Florida International University
3. Undergrad tuition and fees per year at Harvard costs about
4. Beer pong is believed to have started at
University of Miami
Dartmouth College
University of Washington
Yale University
5. Which university is solely for women?
Wayne State University
Wellesley College
Brown University
Hope College
6. At which school did students finish with more debt?
University of North Dakota
Yale University
Rice University
University of Denver
7. The average freshman gains how many pounds during the year?
less than 4
more than 20
8. Which university rioted after losing in the final four?
James Madison
Michigan State University
9. The University of California does not have a campus in which city
Los Angeles
Santa Cruz
San Bernardino
10. Conan O'Brian wrote for which college humor paper
Berkely's "Heuristic Squelch"
Michigan's "Gargoyle"
The Harvard Lampoon
Texas Travesty

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