The Buzzword Quiz

Success in Business Requires Mastery of Retarded Buzzwords

1. Which of the following is not an actual buzzword?
Low Hanging Fruit
Slowest Antelope
Long Tail
Herding Cats
2. When you combine outsourcing with globalization, what do you get?
3. What is political capital?
The money raised for a political campaign
A favorable public image that can be "spent" on unpopular legislation
The money a corporation donates to a political candidate
The salary earned by a politician
4. Which buzzword doesn't go with the others?
Pushing the envelope
Bleeding Edge
Best of Breed
5. Which of the following is most Web 2.0?
User-generated content
Searchable databases
Instant Messaging
6. What does the buzzword "mindshare" mean?
Thinking the exact same as someone else
To let someone know what you're really thinking
A company's "share" of the public's consciousness
Uploading data from your mind to a computer
7. A win-win negotiation means?
Both parties come out ahead
Your side wins all parts of the negotiation
You win the battle, and also the war
The result is too good to be true, beware
8. The opposite of an online business is?
Mortar and Pestle
Brick and Mortar
Fire and Brimstone
9. What is a stakeholder?
The person who finally solves a problem i.e. kills the vampire
Any party affected by a decision
The trusting person who holds the stake while their clumsy friend tries to hit it
The best person for the job
10. When you buy into your company's BS you are
Drinking the Kool-Aid
Skinning the Cat
Tightening the Noose
Eating what you Kill

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