The Boy Band Quiz

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1. Which boyband star dated Britney Spears?
Nick Lachey
Justin Timberlake
Jonathan Knight
AJ McLean
2. Who was NOT in 'N Sync?
Lance Bass
JC Chasez
Justin Timberlake
Drew Lachey
3. Which movie featured Vince Vaughn saying "We are gonna to get so much ass, it's gonna be sick. I'm talking like crazy, boy band ass."
Old School
Wedding Crashers
4. Who was the youngest member of New Kids on the Block?
Jordan Knight
Joey McIntyre
Donnie Wahlberg
Danny Wood
5. The Backstreet Boys originated in
Los Angeles
New Orleans
6. Which boy band was created on an MTV reality show?
Boyz II Men
7. Which boy band member announced that he was gay?
Lance Bass
Joey Fatone
Justin Timberlake
Nick Carter
8. One of the largest groups of boy band fans are
Teenage girls
Retired fire fighters
George Bush and his cabinet members
Baby boomers
9. Who was not a member of the Jackson 5?
Jermaine Jackson
Tito Jackson
Marlon Jackson
Daryl Jackson
10. Which boy band actually formed themselves and wasn't put together by a producer or corporation?
98 Degrees
The Backstreet Boys
New Kids on the Block
11. New Kids on the Block changed their name to NKOTB to project a tougher, grittier image. Their last single to chart was
Dirty Dawg
Ain't a Boy No Mo'
Don't Test Me, Fool
Let's Screw (All Night Long)

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