The Badass Quiz

How Much of a Badass Are You?

1. My choice of transportation is
The closest car I can steal
My Mom's station wagon
Public transportation
Toyota Corolla
2. I don't like ballet because
Men in tights make me uncomfortable
It's wasting time when I should be drinking beer and kicking ass
I like ballet
It reminds me of Nam
3. The last time I cried was
When my girlfriend broke up with me
When I stubbed my toe
I don't cry
I was out of salt and a recipe called for a pinch of salt
4. I don't wear a seat belt because
I always wear a seat belt
If I get in an accident I'll hold on
I'm too cool for a seat belt
Seatbelts chafe, and I never wear a shirt
5. My favorite beer is
Any 40oz
I don't like beer, give me a water with a hint of lemon
Bud Light
6. I don't have any money because
I'll die in a fiery motorcycle accident within a year so I won't need it
I support my family
I buy presents for my girlfriend
I get mugged on a regular basis
7. I have been arrested for
Public drunkeness
Murdering my wife (falsely accused)
Street fighting
8. My friends
Respect Me
Like me
Fear me
I ride alone
9. I read
Romance novels
Motorcycle repair manuals
Don't Read
Can't Read
10. I am scared of
My mother
Having a bad hair day
11. Tonight my girlfriend and I will
Have Sex
Prevent a terrorist attack
I don't need a girlfriend, I only have one-night stands