The American Idol Quiz

Test your knowledge of American Idol

We may pretend not to care, but the ratings don't lie. American Idol is one of the most successful TV shows of all time. How much do you know?

1. American Idol originated from
Sweden's "Singer Fame"
Japan's "Super Terrific Happy Hour"
Uk's "Pop Idol"
A Fox Executive
2. Who won the second season of American Idol?
Clay Aiken
Kelly Clarkson
Reuben Stoddard
Fantasia Barrino
3. Kelly Clarkson's debut album "Thankful" reached which position in the charts
Didn't Reach
4. Who received fame from American Idol despite never being a contestant.
George Huff
LaToya London
Kimberley Locke
William Hung
5. American Idol has been shown in
Only the US
Only the US and Canada
Only North America, Europe, and South Africa
Over 100 countries worldwide
6. Which of the following American Idol spinoffs is not real
American Idol video game
The movie, "From Justin to Kelly"
American Idol astronaut camp
So You Think You Can Dance
7. Paula Abdul was never a
Los Angeles Lakers cheerleader
Popular performer
Beauty school dropout
8. Idol host Ryan Seacrest does all of the following except
Host American Top 40, succeeding Casey Kasem
Fill in for Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune
Co-host Dick Clarks New Years Rockin Eve
Substitute for Larry King on Larry King Live
9. Which of the following is a genuine Simon Cowell insult:
"Not in a billion years. There are only so many words I can drag out of my vocabulary to say how awful that was."
"It was a bit like watching someone reaching out for a power wire, and you want them to stop, but they do it anyway."
"You need to hear this now before it gets any worse. You sound like a horse dying."
"Slow and painful. Painful and wrong. Wrong and.. Well, it was just wrong, alright?"
10. Which song made William Hung famous?
I Believe I Can Fly
She Bangs
Well Hung

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