Paris Hilton Celebrity Facts

Born: February 17, 1981

Famous for: being famous, sex tape cleverly titled "1 Night in Paris, rich family."

Siblings: Younger sister and two younger brothers.

Inheritance: Estimated at $30-50 million.

Arrested for: DUI in September 7, 2006. Charge was lowered to Alcohol related reckless driving in a plea deal.

Details of her private life were auctioned off from a storage locker after failing to pay $208. The contents included medications, diaries, photographs, contracts, love letters, and a video of Paris with the founder of Girls Gone Wild. The information was put on a website,, but the site has since been shut down.

According to Forbes Magazine, Paris earned about $2M in 2003, $6.5M in 2004, and $7 in 2005.

Named Sex Star of the Year in the March 2005 edition of Playboy.

Paris Hilton has been described as the most overrated celebrity and one of the worst role model celebrities, often behind Britney Spears.

The mayor of Las Vegas called August 29, 2006 "Paris Hilton Day."

Her album single "Stars are Blind" rose to number 1 in Belgium, Hungary, and Slovakia.

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