Matt Damon Celebrity Facts

Born: October 8, 1970 in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Has two first names.

Attended Harvard University and left to pursue an acting career.

Matt Damon has often paired with Ben Affleck. It is sometimes rumored that Matt does more of the work than Ben.

Matt Damon married Luciana Bozan Barroso, a bartender working in Miami. She was born in Argentina, a country known for having hotties.

Matt's girlfriend in "Good Will Hunting" was based on his college girlfriend who later married Lars Ulrich of Metallica. As a side note, Lars Ulrich is a giant tool and shill for the RIAA.

He acted in a movie called "Mystic Pizza". That name Mystic Pizza is on par with the book, Naked Ape.

Matt has dated Claire Danes, Minnie Driver and Winona Ryder.

He had a bit part in "Eurotrip" in 2004 as a punk singer and also stole the lead character's girlfriend in the movie.

While standing next to director Martin Scorsese, Matt Damon looks very tall.

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