Hugh Hefner Celebrity Facts

Born: April 9, 1926 in Chicago, Illinois

Left his job in 1952 after not getting a $5 raise. Started Playboy the next year after raising money from numerous investors, including his mom.

The first Playboy centerfold was an employee of Hef's.

Hugh has dated numerous young and hot women. He has even had a rotating set of young beauties to keep him company at the Playboy mansion.

In response to his plethora of girlfriends he said, "And here's the surprise bitit's what they want!"

"The stuff that dreams are made of," is a quote used to describe Playboy.

It is thought that Hugh Hefner lost his virginity at age 22.

Hugh is the sponsor of the Y in the HOLLYWOOD sign.

Hefner has donated lots of money to the Democratic party.

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