Dick Cheney Celebrity Facts

Born: January 30, 1941 in Lincoln, Nebraska

February 11, 2006 he shot an old man from Texas while hunting. Pellets hit the old Texan in the face, neck, and even the heart. Cheney was drinking at lunch but it is unknown if he had alcohol in his system at the time of the incident. The man who he shot later apologized.

Dick Cheney has numerous health problems including several heart attacks.

Cheney was pro-Vietnam War but somehow managed to get 5 draft deferments and never served.

According to IMDB, Dick Cheney is 58. He is also fat.

While touring the gulf coast after Hurrican Katrina, some dude yelled "Go fuck yourself, Mr. Cheney!" and it was captured by numerous news cameras.

The heckler was referring to a well-publicized incident in which Dick Cheney told Senate colleague Patrick Leahy to "go fuck" himself.

Cheney has been arrested twice for DWI. He one-upped GW Bush, who only received DUIs.

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